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16 Feb

Life can be hectic, but losing your car keys is a whole other level. The feeling of panic that sets in when you realize something’s wrong and then just general irritation at how much everything else has fallen apart around us because we’re stuck without our vehicles.

It’s hard to get anything done when you can’t drive your car, have no spare key and are far away from home.

Don’t worry, keys can be replaced! The process for replacing your lost car key is much easier than you may think.

Different Types Of Keys

  • Mechanical Keys
  • Remote Keys
  • Transponder Keys
  • Flip Style Remotes
  • Smart Key
  • Master Keys
  • Valet Keys

The cost of replacing your new car key and the ease-of doing so will vary based on what type you have. Most are more sophisticated, providing additional convenience & safety that also come at a price depending on your vehicle type.

The good news is that each of these keys can be replaced if you lose it. You just have to decide who’s going call them next time!

What are my options?

When you lose your car keys, there are two options: call the dealership for a new car key replacement or a auto locksmith. The one that best suits what’s going on in terms of time and convenience for yourself will depend entirely on how quickly they need to get back into their vehicle as well as other factors like cost involved with getting new ones made – which could be expensive!

Heading to the dealership seems like a logical step in getting your car key replacement, but it also will cost you both time and money. Dealerships are quite expensive when purchasing new car replacement keys for customers; this means that depending on where they took their vehicle (and by extension what make/model), there could be additional fees associated with having said auto towed-which may increase how long everything takes significantly!

The second option is to call a local locksmith. A faster response time and less expensive price are just two of many benefits that come with this choice! Auto Locksmiths have all types of car keys needed, as well as being able program electronic chips or any key fob for you at home if necessary-so there’s no need visit them in person either because they’ll come right out to your door (and even arrive sooner than expected!).

I’m Calling an Emergency Car Locksmith, What’s Next?

If you’re in need of auto locksmith services and want to get back on the road as quickly, safely possible then providing them with some information can go along way. Having just these few pieces ensures things move smoothly from start-to finish.

  • Make and Model of Your Vehicle
  • Year of Your Vehicle
  • Car Registration
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) 
  • Current Location of Vehicle

The information given to the car locksmith not only provides an idea of what type of car key replacement you will need, but also helps confirm that your vehicle’s registration to you or the owner.

Replace Lost Car Keys with All City Locksmith

If you find yourself stranded without your car keys, All City Locksmith is there for the rescue!

All City Locksmith can be at any location 24/7 to get things moving again fast. If it’s after hours and on weekends too- they’ll come out right away so that nothing stands between YOU AND YOUR TRANSPORTATION ASAP.

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