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22 Aug

5 Misconceptions About Locksmith Services

In the modern world, many people have never even spoken to a locksmith. But what do they actually do? What misconceptions are there about these technicians and why you might need their help for something important! Let’s bust five common myths now so we can better understand how locksmith service works in today’s society..

When Should You Call A Locksmith

In Las Vegas, NV, locksmith services are more than just a service for when you need new locks or key services. They can also provide businesses with electronic security systems to make sure their building’s occupants have access only as authorized. Larger corporations might consider hiring commercial locksmith services in order reduce risk from standard equipment failure, while smaller ones could benefit greatly by installing high quality video surveillance gear that will protect both employees and customers alike! Locksmiths can also manage and set up access control systems and install the most up to date high security locks for your business today.

Do locksmiths have a Master Key?

There are many myths about locksmith services. One of the most popular is that we have a master key, or “key to all doors,” which can unlock anything in this world and get you back into your home when locked out. It sounds nice but it just isn’t true! We use techniques like impressioning (making copies from an existing key) for our copy keys because they’re more accurate than creating one big version.

Are locksmiths cheap or expensive?

All City Locksmith is here to help you with any of your local locksmith service needs. We offer a range in pricing and time commitments so that we can find an affordable service or product for whatever problem arises! With excellent customer care as well as up-to date security technology, there’s no job too big nor small we can’t handle. We’ve been helping the greater Las Vegas valley for over 30 years.

We don’t want to just help you out with one specific system. That’s why we offer a range of solutions, from traditional locks and access cards all the way down to glass break detectors!

Vintage Vs Modern Locks

While old locks may provide you with some cool vintage flair, be aware that they’re not as secure and reliable. A modern lock can withstand significant force without being compromised so your business remains protected against intruders!

We’ve seen a wide variety of businesses in the field, from high end restaurants and SaaS company offices to rustic boutiques using old or ornate locks. These are some examples where we found particular interest or need for design features such as locks on our doors that operate accordingly with what you want them to look like rather than be totally secure.

We’ve got you covered, no matter what type of door handle or panic bar needs. You’re guaranteed to find it here! From key duplication, to installing high security locks, All City Locksmith has all your locksmith needs covered.

Do locksmiths have to get a Locksmith Certification?

Many people assume that professional locksmiths are certified in their field simply by virtue of being a locksmith. However, this is not always the case. While some states do require locksmiths to be fully licensed, the requirements for licensure vary from state to state. In some states, locksmiths must complete a Locksmith Certification program in order to be licensed.

In other states, locksmiths may be licensed by the state without having to complete a Locksmith Certification program. Locksmiths who are not required to be certified may still choose to become certified in order to improve their skills and knowledge in the field. Certified Locksmiths have completed an accredited Locksmith Certification program and have passed an examination administered by the National Locksmith Association. Certified Locksmiths must maintain their certification by completing continuing education courses and by keeping up with new technologies in the field of locksmithing. You can rest assure that All City Locksmith has the most up to date locksmith practices that will ensure we can handle any job.

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